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bass, guitar, vocals, and lyrics…

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Trans Vagina Monologue: My Body, My Gender

in transition

I was invited to write and perform my own Vagina Monologue for the 2018 It Grows Wild production.

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➡ Video, photos: Your first look at Bite-Size: An Evening of Micro Theatre

in bitesize on Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Off-Center’s Bite-Size: An Evening of Micro Theatre, is five original short plays and performance pieces by Colorado artists that are being performed through Nov. 18 at BookBar in north Denver.

14 Colorado LGBTQ Musicians You Should Know

on 303 Magazine

Reminiscent of late ‘90s punk with elements of spoken word combed through, Teacup Gorilla never fails to put the moodiness to their heavy indie-rock.

Kori Hazel and Alex Kramer

DCPA’s Off-Center names Colorado writers selected for micro-theatre project

in bitesize on Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Grapefruit Lab & Theater Artibus have been selected to perform our collaboration, Outside the Room, as part of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts Bite Size production.


We are not here to flatter egotism, or prop up humbug; we are merely telling the [queer] story. We value what is good in the book; but we believe in the existence of other, and more vivid kinds of goodness.

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2016 True West Award

in riding sidesaddle*

An award I’m happy to share with my amazing collaborators in Buntport Theater & Teacup Gorilla.

10 Myths at Buntport

in riding sidesaddle*

I’m excited to be part of Buntport Theater’s 40th original full-length production — based on my novel, Riding SideSaddle*, and featuring a live score by Teacup Gorilla. It’s been a wild month pulling it all together!

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Huckleberry Roasters: Installation

in riding sidesaddle*

Riding SideSaddle* has gone vertical! Check it out on the walls of Huckleberry Roasters Larimer Cafe (2500 Larimer St, Denver) From October 10 through November 13.

Riding SideSaddle* [a novel affair]

in riding sidesaddle*

Join us for the official release of my first novel — with live music and special guests!


A Screw Tooth installation & performance built from the prophetic 1982 science-fiction/horror movie, “Forbidden World,” filtered through the mind of an obsessive, self-proclaimed prophet. Created by Adam Stone & Erin Rollman at Buntport Theatre, with contributions from myself and many others (August 8-9, 2014).

The Post-Obsolete Book (again)

The Obsolete Book in a Post-Obsolete World as Represented by an Obsolete Book About Dance is a reflection on the obsolescence of obsolescence, and a performable website in the spirit of Michelle Ellsworth. This summer it also became a gallery installation, when I was invited to install & perform in the Electronic Literature Organization conference gallery.

Pig Sez [Demo]

The last demo of new material (for now). This is Pig Sez, with words from CA Conrad’s The Book of Frank.

I’m Not Ready To Go Yet [Demo]

Another demo! This one features Daniel Rule on the second guitar & vocals. Daniel has started playing with us regularly these days — we’re excited to have him in the band!

UMS Day 4: The End

In which: Broken Spirits, Land Lines, Kitty Crimes, Porlolo, Gora Gora Orkestar, Emerald Siam, and more.

UMS Day 3

In which: Magic Cyclops, Jen Korte, Abandin Pictures, and more.

A Dark Plain [Demo]

Here it is! The first in a new set of demos, updated to reflect our current sound. There are more on the way, so check back again tomorrow.

UMS Day 2

In which: Accordion Crimes, Raven Jane, The Truth & Spectacle, Ian Cooke, Dragondeer, Dave Devine Relay, and more.

UMS Day 1

In which: Elin Palmer, Safe Boating is no Accident, Pan Astral, and more.


2013 was nuts…

Stratified Design

Exit Strata asked me to design the cover of their next issue, PRINT! VOL 3.

…focussed on issues of translation, transmutation, and language forms across media, as well as the textual/visual/sonic/physical (etc) manifestations of these transmissions as they travel between and betwixt our minds… The biggest tension is between that of the printed page and that of the new virtual realities…

There’s only one way I know to make all that happen.

(re)Thinking on Your Feet

in fuck the muse

Fuck the Muse pt.7: Sometimes you have a great idea for a project, or one aspect of a project, and you throw everything at it, but the idea turns out to be a dud. You can’t ditch the project after putting so much into it, but neither can you force it through. The only way forward is to take a step back.

Teacup Gorilla + Bouldering Poets

Over three years, we’ve only performed as Teacup Gorilla a handful of times. Now we’re making our way back to the original performance vision, starting at the Bouldering Poets series:

March 22, 7:30pm at 303 Vodka | see facebook for details.

We’re back, and we have big plans.

Explosive Growth

in fuck the muse

Fuck the Muse pt.6: Last week we compiled our curiosity shopping lists, preparing to push out from our seed in every direction. We have the list to guide us: now it’s time to go shopping.

Get Curious

in fuck the muse

Fuck the Muse pt.5: Now that you have a seed worth exploring, you are ready for step 2 of the creative process. The goal of this phase is explosive growth, following your curiosity out from the seed in every direction. What is the content? What materials will you need to build this artwork? What already exists, and what will you need to build? What will be your inspirations? What will be your constraints?

The Contours of Book Design

The editors at SpringGun Press asked me to design cover art for The Posture of Contour, a new book by James Belflower. I used the opportunity to get my mind out of an all-digital space, and spent most of my time with pen, paper, and oil pastel.

Starting from a Seed

in fuck the muse

You can’t start working until you know what you are working towards. That doesn’t mean knowing all the answers, it means knowing the questions that will guide you. I refer to those guiding questions as the "seed" of a project.


Last month I posted my first GreenMud reward portrait of Kitten Karlyle. This weekend I finished the second portrait, a joint image of my collaborators: Dan Eisenstat and Sondra Eby.

Creative Modes and Cycles

in fuck the muse

Cycles have become the core of my creative process. Thinking in cycles means I always know where I am and where I’m going, even when I feel overwhelmed by the size of a project. If I’m stuck, it’s time for a new mindset. If my last move was to zig, my next move is to zag.

➡ Battlefield Notes

on The Operating System

The Operating System has asked to cross post my creative process mini-series. We started with a brief introduction to my work.

Ordinary Tools of Thought

in fuck the muse

Kirby Ferguson argues that the three basic techniques of remixing (copy, transform, combine) form the foundation of all creative process. He refers to these techniques as the "Elements of Creativity"…

Saying “Thank You”

I was reminded yesterday why I do what I do. Not for a distant invisible truth, but for the world around me and the people in it.

Fuck The Muse

in fuck the muse

We think of creativity as sudden, sexy, inexplicable moments of inspiration — ignoring the hard work that makes those moments possible.

A Font Family for Susy

The first drafts of the "GreenMud Susy" fonts are kerned, complete, and roughly in place.

A Whirlwind of Digital Humanities

After submitting on a whim, I was invited to perform last weekend at the SLSA conference in Milwaukee. This was not a reasonable thing to do, but I did it…

Electronic Literature and the Nonhuman

I’ll be in Milwaukee this weekend for a brief appearance at the SLSA 2012 jurried elit event – performing the Post-Obsolete Book.