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I’m Miriam, a web developer & artist, following my curiosity across media: exploring, building, and sharing collaborative experiences.

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Riding SideSaddle*

It’s a new and wonderful adventure each time, a story of outcasts, their caretaker, and the friendship and love they find with each other.

—Ryo Yamaguchi, Michigan Quarterly Review

Code Patterns for Pattern-Making

I was fascinated by the idea that a (web) style guide deliverable could take different forms.

—Chris Coyier, CodePen

The Holes They Leave

Jump Start Sass

Miriam and Hugo have become some of the most notable creators of Sass plugins and best practices.

—Chris Eppstein, Sass Core Developer

The Post-Obsolete Book

I was impressed by the purest form of outrageous creation.

—Judy Rose, Boulder Writer’s Workshop

Susy: Layout Toolkit

with OddBird

I like the idea of grids-on-demand, rather than a strict framework.

—Chris Coyier, CSS Tricks

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