Miriam Eric Suzanne

the future

Clarity Conference: Code Patterns for Pattern-Making

speaker conference


Michigan Quarterly Review: On Riding SideSaddle*

Ryo Yamaguchi

Colorado Music Buzz: Eric Suzanne Drops Non-Linear Novel...

Tim Wenger

Media Archeology Lab: Ideas, Process, Obsolescence, and the Iterative

Mél Hogan

Boulder Writers Workshop: Collaboration, Queer Art, and the Multi-Media Novel

Richard Wall


Your Older Brother: Riding SideSaddle* Book Release

I was just digging everything, and didn't want the night to be over. Sam O’Daniel

Stubborn Sounds: The Holes They Leave

The Holes They Leave occupies a middle place that immediately brings solace to the weary ear. Darren Thornberry

Colorado Music Buzz: Riding SideSaddle*

One of the most ambitious projects that has come across our desk recently. Tim Wenger

SitePoint: Susy

If you’re interested in reading Sass poetry, be sure to look at Susy’s source code! Hugo Giraudel

I ♥ E-Poetry: Into The Green Green Mud

This virtuoso creation by a talented young poet, writer, artist, typographer, programmer, and musician is a taste of things to come as new generations of digital media and code literate creators come of age. Leonardo Flores

Boulder Writer’s Workshop: The Post-Obsolete Book

I was impressed by the purest form of outrageous creation. Judy Rose

Onion AV Club: Kingdom Come

The album closes with “Static,” a haunting meeting of strings and electronic fuzz with vocalist/drummer Sondra Eisenstat’s lush vocals and spoken word. Eisenstat sings that there is “No voice on the radio,” and perhaps, for now, that’s true. Kingdom, though, is certainly worth a private listen at home. Cat Carroll

South Bend Tribune: Hello and Goodbye

Rarely does one encounter a production undertaken with such a tremendous amount of care and consideration. Jack Walton