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My name is Miriam, and this is my face among flowers & leaves…

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Trans Vagina Monologue: My Body, My Gender

in transition

I was invited to write and perform my own Vagina Monologue for the 2018 It Grows Wild production.

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➡ Video, photos: Your first look at Bite-Size: An Evening of Micro Theatre

in bitesize on Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Off-Center’s Bite-Size: An Evening of Micro Theatre, is five original short plays and performance pieces by Colorado artists that are being performed through Nov. 18 at BookBar in north Denver.

Rejecting Maleness: An Apology to the Revolution

in transition on Journal of Mennonite Writing

Interviewing a trans man, the reporter writes: But surely the revolution is in re-defining what feminine or female attractiveness means rather than rejecting femaleness?

Is your gender part of the revolution?

Chosen Family (Thank You)

in transition

Yesterday, I shared an article about my impending surgery, and a request for help — both social and financial — as I go through this. I was embarrassed to ask, and not sure what to expect, but your response has been swift and overwhelming. I can’t thank you enough, but I’ll keep trying.

Mia’s Medical Upgrade

in transition

Denver Health has started offering vaginoplasty in addition to their other trans medical services. While I’ve been on the waitlist for various surgeons around the country, Denver Health called me this week to give me a date: September 10, less than two months away.

Essential Knowledge: The Book

on t-h-e-b-o-o-k.com

The book is a compromise we’ve grown used to, for the sake of efficiency. The book is a clever marketing ploy to make you care. Do you care? The book is kompromat, to be used against us when the time comes.

—Miriam Suzanne

14 Colorado LGBTQ Musicians You Should Know

on 303 Magazine

Reminiscent of late ‘90s punk with elements of spoken word combed through, Teacup Gorilla never fails to put the moodiness to their heavy indie-rock.

Kori Hazel and Alex Kramer

DCPA’s Off-Center names Colorado writers selected for micro-theatre project

in bitesize on Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Grapefruit Lab & Theater Artibus have been selected to perform our collaboration, Outside the Room, as part of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts Bite Size production.


We are not here to flatter egotism, or prop up humbug; we are merely telling the [queer] story. We value what is good in the book; but we believe in the existence of other, and more vivid kinds of goodness.

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18 designers predict UI/UX trends for 2018

on Figma Design

Figma asked 18 designers what UI/UX trends they predict for 2018. December, with its flurry of holiday parties, cheery OOO auto-replies and introspective weather patterns, provided the perfect opportunity to pause and survey the landscape.