Miriam Suzanne


Last month I posted my first GreenMud reward portrait of Kitten Karlyle. This weekend I finished the second portrait, a joint image of my ongoing collaborators Dan Eisenstat & Sondra Eby.

Dan Eisenstat & Sondra Eby, a sketchy couple.

Dan & Sondra are the other 2/3 of Teacup Gorilla, and have been a great help with the novel. Sondra has been helping me edit the images, while Dan is writing the music. In the meantime, they have moved downtown and started a very exciting art/business venture that will be announced very soon. I can’t wait!

The sketchy couple in full color.

I began this portrait in the same manner as the Kitten Karlyle illustration, and quickly found that it was the wrong style for these two. I made several more stylistic attempts, and was unhappy with all of them. We call that "the creative process". I finally found the style I wanted by accidentally viewing all my sketches layered on top of each other. The rest was just a matter of cleanup.