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Founded in 1998 as New World Players, we produced original & alternative ensemble theater for over a decade – along with an art gallery and event space.

I began working with New World as an Assistant Director and Lighting Designer in 2001, took over Technical Direction, and eventually became the Artistic Director from 2003–2007.

Our shows included a mix of original devised work, local playwrights, re-invented classics, and more.

Everything 'New world arts'

Script: Bigger Guns III

» script

An action comedy for the stage, based on our favorite movie tropes. The script was devised by the entire ensemble, lead by Michelle Milne, Miriam, Emily Swora, and Ben Jacobs. I don’t believe this is the final script…

Bigger Guns III

» show

A live action comedy, inspired by the movies, and created by our ensemble.

Hello and Goodbye

» show

A sister and brother dig through the rubble of their lives…


» show

OCD and love produce the same chemical in the brain…


» show

We hurt ourselves for love…

Criminal Hearts

» show

It’s not a great script, but it was my full-length directorial debut.

Every Other Day

» show

My first one-act play…

In a Time of War

» show

Based on a series of interviews with Annie in 2003, this play was produced first by Goshen College as a runner-up for the International Peace Play Contest, and then in collabiration with New World Arts for my senior thesis production.


» show

I wrote this at the start of the Iraq war (2003), and later made the short film. It’s been on my mind again during COVID-19 isolation.

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

» show

My first foray into professional theater, as a lighting designer for New World Arts. And then, years later, as a director.