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Based on a series of interviews with Annie in 2003, this play was produced first by Goshen College as a runner-up for the International Peace Play Contest, and then in collabiration with New World Arts for my senior thesis production.

a woman with bandage over her eyes,
and another hugging her from behind
Lindsay Nance & Mallory Parsons as Annie, 2005

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“In a Time of War” relates the true story of Annie who grew up Mennonite in Lorraine, France – a village bordering Germany. Annie was 15 years old when World War II was declared and her home became a battleground. In this first public venue for sharing her story, Annie tells about the year her family spent as refugees, and then their return to their home under the German occupation. Her brother was drafted by the army, but went instead into hiding; her father was taken to a concentration camp. Both German and Allied forces used their family home for shelter. Annie also talks about her time at Goshen College soon after the war ended, asking some hard questions for the world today, including “What are you willing to die for and what are you willing to forgive?”

Thesis Production:

Peace Plays Production:

The Goshen College Peace Play Writing Contest, underwritten by a grant from the Disciples of Peace, a Middlebury (Ind.) charitable fellowship, was established in 1982.

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