• Headshot of Mia smirking
    This face is one of my special skills.

    I’m an artist, activist, teacher, and web developer. As a co-founder of OddBird, Teacup Gorilla, and Grapefruit Lab I hope to create art & software that celebrate the queer complexity of human experience.

    Over the last 15 years I’ve published novels & albums & technical manuals; created award-winning theater & open-source tools; cleaned my bedroom more than once; and presented at conferences around the world – but I’ve never been promoted at a job, done a whiteboard interview, or graduated from college.

    org history


    Co-Founder: Custom web applications, developer tools, and training

    Grapefruit Lab

    Co-Founder: Multimedia performance laboratory & theater ensemble

    Teacup Gorilla

    Bass & Vocals: Dark indie-rock soundscapes with evocative poetry

    CSS Tricks

    Staff Writer: Blog for people who make websites


    Core Contributor: CSS with superpowers

    Mozilla Developer

    DevRel Contractor: Videos, articles, & tools from Mozilla (and OddBird)

    Ersatz Robots

    Bass: Trans-femme 90’s-alt sad-girl rock

    Raven Jane

    Multi-Instrumetalist: indie roots-rock featuring Rachel Eisenstat

    The LIDA Project

    Technical Director: Art theatre designed to infect the mind

    Dirt Circle Dogs

    Multi-Instrumetalist: Blues-inflected bright/dark music

    Countdown to Zero

    Technical Director: 10-show political theater collective

    New World Arts

    Artistic Director: Ensemble theater, gallery, and event space

    Goshen College

    Student & Master Electrician: Theater, writing, & visual arts

    Oregon Shakespeare Festival

    Stage Management Intern: Among the oldest & largest professional non-profit theatres in the nation.