Headshot of Mia smirking

This face is one of my special skills.

art &

Miriam is the author of Riding SideSaddle* and The Post-Obsolete Book (both published by SpringGun Press), and Every Other Day (Pinchpenny Press). She received a 2017 True West Award for the stage adaptation 10 Myths on the Proper Application of Beauty Products with Buntport Theater, and Audience Choice Award for Daffodil MF at the Goshen ShortFilmFest05. Formerly Artistic Director of New World Arts, and Technical Director of The LIDA Project/Countdown to Zero, Miriam also creates music with Teacup Gorilla, theater with Grapefruit Lab, and visual art/design for a wide range of projects and clients.

& code

Miriam is a co-founder at OddBird, with 15+ years experience as a project manager, user-experience designer, and front-end architect. She is the creator of Susy, True, and other popular open source tools – author of SitePoint’s Jump Start Sass, and staff-writer for CSS Tricks. Miriam presents at conferences around the world on front-end architecture, design systems, collaboration, and creative process – winning “Best of” CSS Dev Conf 2017.