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If you’re gonna dance for war, you’re gonna dance for sure. And if you’re gonna dance for peace, you will never cease.

The Holes They Leave EP

Since then, we’ve had a baby and a global pandemic – but we’re working on new material. Hope to see you soon!

A Dark Plain at Seventh Circle Session
Just Like That official music video

Teacup Gorilla’s amiable creative approach, unorthodox roots, and sense of community have resulted in a sound that is difficult to pin down: part instrumental rock, part glam, part psychedelic, part jazz-inflected. And it sounds like nothing much else in this highly imitative era.

—Tom Murphy, The Westword

Reminiscent of late ‘90s punk with elements of spoken word combed through, Teacup Gorilla never fails to put the moodiness to their heavy indie-rock.

—Kori Hazel and Alex Kramer, 303 Magazine: 14 Colorado LGBTQ Musicians You Should Know

I was just digging everything, and didn’t want the night to be over.

—Sam O'Daniel, Your Older Brother

Expect performances that blend mediums, styles and disciplines.

—Luke Leavitt, The Westword

One of the most ambitious projects that has come across our desk recently.

—Tim Wenger, Colorado Music Buzz

Teacup Gorilla is Daniel Eisenstat, Sondra Eby, and Miriam Suzanne. Former members include Josie Cool, Jen Korte, and Daniel Rule.

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Last Bullet

» music video @ Seventh Circle Sessions

A Dark Plain

» music video @ Seventh Circle Sessions


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Missa Populi

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