• 7 ‘podcast’ episodes


    On Sass & CSS @ Shop Talk Show

    | podcast

    I drop by the show to talk about Sass in 2019, design tokens, Oddbird, unused CSS, new CSS properties, and Dave & Chris’ explanation of revert.

    Design Systems & CSS @ Views on Vue

    | podcast

    We start by talking about design systems and design tooling – how they differ, and the problems they solve.

    On Dynamic CSS @ Thunder Nerds

    | podcast

    Thunder Nerds interview me before her talk at VueConf US 2019.


    Fonts & more @ Views on Vue

    | podcast

    The panel and the guest talk about grid systems, fonts, and more!

    Ethics, ES6 in Practice, and Dynamic CSS @ TalkScript

    | podcast

    On Episode 18, the TalkScript team continues the live-ish at JSConfUS podcast series with guests Myles Borins, Tim Doherty, and Miriam Suzanne. Listen in!


    Versioning Show, Episode 8 @ SitePoint

    | podcast

    In this episode of the Versioning Show, Tim and David are joined by Miriam Suzanne, best known for Susy, a responsive layout toolkit for Sass. They discuss going from being a lurker to finding your voice, the importance of writing about what you’re learning, stumbling into fame, approaching new projects, and unit testing in Sass.