• 10 ‘directing’ episodes


    Outside The Room @ Denver Center for the Performing Arts

    | theater

    A family struggles to find humanity and normalcy in a world made uncertain and strange after the transformation and “othering” of one of their own. This physical theatre piece imagines what happens on the other side of the iconic door in Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

    JANE/EYRE @ The Bakery

    | theater

    We are not here to flatter egotism, or prop up humbug; we are merely telling the [queer] story. We value what is good in the book; but we believe in the existence of other, and more vivid kinds of goodness.


    Missa Populi @ PackingHouse Center for the Arts

    | theater

    Combining the sacrifice, transcendence, blood, and circumstance of the Catholic Mass with history, live music, science, dance, literature, and pop culture to find a wholly modern communion experience. What we have left is our selves, broken and battered, but surviving together.


    Bigger Guns III @ New World Arts

    | theater

    A live action comedy, inspired by the movies, and created by our ensemble.


    Hello and Goodbye @ New World Arts

    | theater

    A sister and brother dig through the rubble of their lives…

    Fear/Falling @ New World Arts

    | theater

    OCD and love produce the same chemical in the brain…


    Sadomasochism @ New World Arts

    | theater

    We hurt ourselves for love…


    Criminal Hearts @ New World Arts

    | theater

    It’s not a great script, but it was my full-length directorial debut.

    Every Other Day @ New World Arts

    | theater

    Another day in the lives of Milo & Sam.