A project-manager’s reflections on human-centered problem-solving, client communication, and user feedback in agile web development.

The web is more than a technology platform, it was created with a mission statement. Design, code, and process trends also come with attached philosophies – and they aren’t always friendly to the user. We’ll talk about our human-centered approach to product-design, transparent client communication, learning to understand user-feedback, and designing for edge-cases with integrated teams.

Thought provoking talk on rethinking who the user is and who we are writing for as developers. Wow! Made me think.

Nithya Ruff, [ Leader of Comcast Open Source Office](

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User Unfriendly Agile Denver | Denver, CO


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User Unfriendly AIGA Colorado | Denver, CO

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User Unfriendly Metro State Mobile Prototyping | Denver, CO


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User Unfriendly SassConf 2015 | Austin, TX