Explore the history of web layout with the creator of Susy – why grid systems exist, how they work, and practical tips to avoid using them. For those few cases where a grid really is required, we’ll talk about the best ways to roll your own, so you’re not relying on a bloated library to make decisions for you. We’ll also look at the new layout toys — from flexbox to CSS Grid — and how to get started with only a few lines of code.

  • When to use floats, CSS Grid, flexbox, custom properties, and other techniques.
  • How to make grid-math simple, and lose the grid-system.
  • How to make grid-systems work for you when you need them.




  1. » speaking/code/susy/layout

    @ Boulder Python | Boulder, CO

  2. » speaking/code/susy/layout

    @ Covalence Conf | San Francisco, CA


  1. @ Beyond Tellerand | Düsseldorf, Germany


  1. » speaking/code/susy/layout

    @ Clarity | San Francisco, CA

  2. @ CSS Dev Conf | New Orleans, LA

  3. » speaking/code/susy/layout

    @ DjangoCon US | Spokane, WA