CSS has come a long way since the browser wars of the late 90s. What used to be a struggle, is now often a breeze (see box-shadow or border-radius). But the last 2 years have pushed CSS into entirely new territory: with DOM-aware variables and calculations that can drive your design, without all the invasive Javascript.

  • Basics for understanding Custom Properties & Calc().
  • Practical examples and use-cases for data-infused design.
  • Integrating with CSS Grids to build layouts on-the-fly.

Conference videos…




  1. @ Generate New York | San Francisco, CA


  1. @ Smashing Conf | San Francisco, CA

  2. @ VueConf US | Tampa, FL


  1. @ Front Range Front-End | Denver, CO

  2. @ Full Stack Fest | Barcelona, Spain

  3. @ JSConf US | Carlsbad, CA

  4. @ CSSConf Argentina | Buenos Aires, Argentina