• Don’t let the declarative syntax fool you – CSS is a powerful and dynamic programming language. It’s time to start moving style logic back into the language designed for it.

    CSS has come a long way since the browser wars of the late 90s. What used to be a struggle, is now often a breeze (see box-shadow or border-radius). But the last 2 years have pushed CSS into entirely new territory: with DOM-aware variables and calculations that can drive your design, without all the invasive Javascript.

    Some pretty mind-bendingly cool uses for CSS custom props from @MiriSuzanne – color, layout & animation all in css and only using JS to feed data.

    Jason Pamental, Invited Expert on the W3C

    Well that was awesome!!! “If you think CSS is a dumb language, you’re a dumb language — CSS IS AWESOME!” @MiriSuzanne thank you so much for the amazing talk!

    Nour Saud, Software Engineer

    Miriam has always been nothing but spot-on, professional, funny, while also being extremely knowledgeable, smart, polite and always on time.

    Vitaly Friedman, Founder of Smashing Magazine & Conference

    So stoked @mirisuzanne is @vueconfus !!! look at how cool CSS is ~ and all the squishy things it does.

    Ngan Hoang, Principal Designer at Prefect.io

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