Say “ooooooooo” while you dance

An archival rhizome ecology in ten parts, and a reflection on the obsolescence of obsolescence – documented on the cloud, and open-sourced as a defense against post-post-obsolescence.

The Post-Obsolete Book is a performable website in the spirit (and tutelage) of Michelle Ellsworth – with text-to-speech voice-over, transparencies, party hats, diagrams, whiskey, handouts, and music by The Widow’s Bane.

I was impressed by the purest form of outrageous creation.

Judy Rose, [ Boulder Writer’s Workshop](

Follow your bliss, Mia. Take no prisoners. We’re already dead. What the fuck do we want with money?

Mortimer Leech, [ The Widow’s Bane](

Production video and photos

The piece requires a few props:

7 ‘post-obsolete’ episodes