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It wasn’t always a great year, but I’ve been moving the right direction. In 2024, the plan is to just keep moving. (maybe too literally)

I don’t like to define my year as a series of measurable OKRs achieved or failed. To quote Robin Rendle: I am a poem, I am not software. But at the end of 2022 my anxiety was pretty high, and I was feeling pretty low. So I set out to turn things around:

I want to cultivate a spacious openness for curiosity and discovery… So that when I am busy, it should be from an abundance of creative projects, not a scarcity of time.

Now, heading into another new year, I want to celebrate and re-affirm that direction. I haven’t made progress exactly, because there’s no end goal, and no metrics – but I’m feeling a lot better about how I waste my time. I’m feeling better about having time to waste. Not because my days are any less full, but because I’m the one filling them up.

Here are some things I enjoyed in 2023. And some projects that will continue into the new year!

Bower bird dancers twisting and untwisting on yellow swings in purple theater lighting
Small round flower pot covered in spikes off the side like organic mountain ranges, glazed in a streaked brown that gathers on the spikes and valleys, and on the rim -- set on a hexagon tray with stalagmites protruding around the pot base
High side angle of a mostly bare stage, a woman is on a couch in a pool of light and the glow of her laptop -- large screens with rain projected behind her
Low side across the stage a white woman and south asian man in spot lights facing the audience -- their faces projected behind them as a face-time call
Four angles of a Fusion 360 CAD design for the pendulum and escapement of a mechanical clock
Prototype of a clear acrylic mechanical clock movement, just the pendulum and escape mechanisms, sitting across two stools so the pendulum can hang between
Habit-tracking wall calendar with month columns and light-up numbered hexagon days - all lit up!
Sondra sitting behind the drum kit, surrounded by mics and cables, ready to record
Part of a theatrical lighting plot drawn in Drafty Pro
Hand holding a notebook and mechanical pencil, open to a page with a detailed sketch of my condo covered in measurements
Wooden desk with an open lid exposing two drawers, some clock parts, and a variety of tools
Following my curiosity. Maybe I should take up lock picking next?

I absolutely love my daily walks, and plan to keep that up. I thought I might track another daily (or weekly?) habit this year – I’d like to get back into a regular creative writing practice. It might even be fun to re-program my Yetch calendar, so it can track multiple habits at once. I also have some ideas to make Front-End Social more sustainable over the long term. But all that will have to wait for another couple months. That’s ok, there’s plenty of time.

For now, I’m moving and preparing a new CSS workshop for Feb/March. I’m really excited about this one, and have big plans to do more teaching for work this year. Maybe even make some videos again?

But more immediate than any of that, Erin and I spent the holidays cleaning and painting our condos – putting anything we can into friends’ basements. This home that I’ve curated for myself for the last eight years no longer feels like mine, and it will go on the market next weekend. I’m sad to leave, but excited to start something new.

Having separate space has been important to us here, and will be important to us in a new home as well – but without the public hallway between, and no need for the extra kitchen.

Bring on the new year.

(oh fuck. the election. we’re fucked.)