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I’m bad at short posts, or even just sharing a link. I feel like, if I’m going to post the link, I should have more to say about it. Something you haven’t considered already.

I created a folder here for ‘micro’ posts. It will even generate a title for me. I also created a folder for links. All I need is a URL, and maybe a pull quote. So far I’ve barely used either one.

I’m bad at keeping this post short. Maybe the title could have been the whole post? Instead, I’ll tell you about knitting a sock, without looking at the pattern. I’ll probably fuck up the heel. Why am I worried about that? No one cares if I knit a sock with improperly twisted stitches.

Very often, there are no stakes. None at all.

For fuck’s sake, there’s nothing else I need to say here. Hit send.

(Worry about it.)

(Worry about what???)