As I spend more of my time working on the CSS language, I wanted a place to take notes and explore new ideas in the open.

The official conversation for CSS language development happens on The CSS Working Group GitHub issues – but it’s useful to have a more open notebook for developing new ideas before they are ready for Working Group discussion.

My notebook is a public collection of markdown files that are also generated into a static site at

w3c’ orgs

Google Chrome

Open Consultant: New specifications & browser priorities

4 ‘w3c’ episodes


Live Q&A with Miriam @ Front-end Development, South Africa

| talk | Online

I’ve spent nearly two decades learning, teaching, and writing CSS – as a founder at OddBird, a member of the Sass core team, and an Invited Expert on the CSS Working Group.

Container Queries Explainer & ProposalCSSWG

| article

Media-queries allow an author to make style changes based on the overall viewport dimensions – but in many cases, authors would prefer styling modular components based on their context within a layout.

Container Queries & The Future of CSS @ Web Directions, Hover

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New CSS proposals like Container Queries, Cascade Layers, Scoped Styles, and Nesting are all aimed at improving the way we write responsive components and design systems.