• Steve Jenkins interviews me about the state of CSS, and what’s coming next for the language – from Intrinsic Design to Dynamic CSS.

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    18 ‘interview’ episodes


    On Sass & CSS @ Shop Talk Show

    | podcast

    I drop by the show to talk about Sass in 2019, design tokens, Oddbird, unused CSS, new CSS properties, and Dave & Chris’ explanation of revert.

    Design Systems & CSS @ Views on Vue

    | podcast

    We start by talking about design systems and design tooling – how they differ, and the problems they solve.

    Has CSS finally come of age?Creative Bloq

    | interview

    On Dynamic CSS @ Thunder Nerds

    | podcast

    Thunder Nerds interview me before her talk at VueConf US 2019.


    Fonts & more @ Views on Vue

    | podcast

    The panel and the guest talk about grid systems, fonts, and more!

    Ethics, ES6 in Practice, and Dynamic CSS @ TalkScript

    | podcast

    On Episode 18, the TalkScript team continues the live-ish at JSConfUS podcast series with guests Myles Borins, Tim Doherty, and Miriam Suzanne. Listen in!


    Getting Started with CSS GridCSS Tricks

    | video

    It feels like CSS Grid has been coming for a long time now, but it just now seems to be reaching a point where folks are talking more and more about it and that it’s becoming something we should learning.

    America Heard: Transitions

    | article

    My friend Maureen Maloney asked to document my reaction to the 2016 election, as part of the America Heard film series. Working with Dana Forsberg and Katie Cook, we put together this short documentary — talking about trans rights, and completing one step of my legal name change. Thanks to Teacup Gorilla and Erin Rollman for joining in the fun!


    *Beyond Pixels Profile @ Net Magazine

    | interview

    Miriam Suzanne creates experimental experiences with her band and her fellow developers.

    An Interview with Miriam SuzanneCSS Tricks

    | article

    Chris Coyier interviews Miriam when she joins the CSS Tricks team as a Staff Writer. We talk about gettting started in the industry, name confusion, fouding OddBird, building Susy, and more.

    Versioning Show, Episode 8 @ SitePoint

    | podcast

    In this episode of the Versioning Show, Tim and David are joined by Miriam Suzanne, best known for Susy, a responsive layout toolkit for Sass. They discuss going from being a lurker to finding your voice, the importance of writing about what you’re learning, stumbling into fame, approaching new projects, and unit testing in Sass.



    Collaboration & Queer Art @ Boulder Writers’ Workshop

    | interview

    interview with Richard Wall of the Boulder Writers’ Workshop