House mother Blanca (Mj Rodriguez) comforting her chosen daughter Angel (Indya Moore) in an episode of Pose.

Yesterday, I shared an article about my impending surgery, and a request for help – both social and financial – as I go through this. I was embarrassed to ask, and not sure what to expect, but your response has been swift and overwhelming. I can’t thank you enough, but I’ll keep trying.

Wow, you all are so wonderful and generous. Thank you so much. I am entirely floored by this outpouring of support and love from friends, relatives, and strangers. I should not have expected anything else. You’ve been there for me over and over. Why does it still take me by surprise?

Thank you.

I keep trying to write an update worthy of your generosity. Maybe something about how we build up shame around money, and asking for help – friends had to convince me it was ok. But that’s looking the wrong direction. I want to talk about you, my family by choice (and sometimes also genetics).

I’ve been watching Pose on FX, and thinking about the power of finding your chosen people – rebuilding family out of trauma, on our own terms. I think about the years that “family” felt distant for me, even dangerous. I put up every wall I had, and moved to Denver.

I still don’t know how we got here from there. My favorite part of transition has been the people it keeps bringing into my life – including people I’ve half-known for years, now pulled closer. The queers and cousins and sisters and aunts and friends who reach out to me, and share their own stories. Who bring me into their lives, and become chosen family: not in spite of our traumas, but because of them. Because we can cry and laugh and scream together.

It’s too easy to look back and say “I built that!” – but it rings false. At every step, it’s been the generosity of others inviting me in. People sharing their struggles, their pain, their vulnerability, their art and vision… until I might learn to share mine. I’m only sorry it’s taking me so long.

There’s a card in my novel that’s been rumbling around my mind lately. The card I’ve always want to lean into, and build my life around (though I fail regularly):

When I die they will say she kissed us all she could. What more could we ask? And I will say, through a video I recorded this morning, I’m sorry that I didn’t kiss you more.

Riding SideSaddle* (a novel about chosen family)

Much love and gratitude,
❤️ Mia

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Mia’s Medical Upgrade

Denver Health has started offering vaginoplasty in addition to their other trans medical services. While I’ve been on the waitlist for various surgeons around the country, Denver Health called me this week to give me a date: September 10, less than two months away.

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At the family vacation in Moab, everyone is doing their best. It’s not enough, and my day is peppered with the wrong name and pronouns. I hide in my room through dinner so they won’t see me crying.

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Miriam: A How-To Guide

There are some questions that come up again and again if you are trans. A few of those questions are terrible, but most of them are well-intentioned. I’m lucky to have a supportive community around me, so I thought I’d write down my most common answers to help ease your stress about getting it right, and ease my stress about answering the same questions over and over.