It’s been a month since our country pseudo-elected a bigoted blow-hard for president. I’m heading to DC to protest his inauguration in January, visit friends, and go on a mixed-media resistance tour…

I’ll be:

I’m not changing the world here, there’s more to do, but it feels like a nice way to get started, find my energy, and find my people.

Any profits will go to one of these rad organizations committed to empowering women, people of color, immigrants, queers, Muslims, and disabled people — or fighting climate change. If you have a specific organization to recommend, I’m all ears.

10 ‘resistance tour’ episodes


Losing ControlUVA Scholars’ Lab

| talk | Charlottesville, VA

Some Kind of Resistance TourOpen Grounds

| journal | Charlottesville, VA

Some Kind of Resistance TourWomen’s March

| journal | Washington, DC

Some Kind of Resistance TourSmall Rain

| journal | Fredrick, MD

Some Kind of Resistance TourHouse Show

| journal | Silver Spring, MD

Some Kind of Resistance TourHouse Show

| journal | Baltimore, MD

Some Kind of Resistance TourWooden Shoe Books

| journal | Philadelphia, PA

Some Kind of Resistance Tourin your ear

| journal | Washington, DC

Code Patterns @ Gotham Sass

| talk | New York, NY