• 8 ‘lighting design’ episodes


    JANE/EYRE @ The Bakery

    | theater

    We are not here to flatter egotism, or prop up humbug; we are merely telling the [queer] story. We value what is good in the book; but we believe in the existence of other, and more vivid kinds of goodness.


    A Murder One Less @ Boulder International Fringe Festival

    | theater | Denver, CO

    We want to make art without assumptions – art that humanizes and entertains and challenges and brings people into conversation.


    The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui @ Countdown to Zero

    | theater | Denver, CO

    Countdown to Zero is a political theatre collective established in 2007 by Brian Freeland & Julie Rada. The collective has committed to a series of 10 theatrical works (10 counting down to zero) at which time the collective will disband.