This site is built using:

  • HTML, of course
  • CSS w/ a load of Grids & Variables
  • Eleventy JS w/ Markdown & Nunjucks
  • Sass w/ OddBird’s Accoutrement & Herman
  • A lot of ideas from a lot of cool people


Install dependencies:


Compile and run Eleventy server, with a watcher for Sass files:


The site will be compiled into _site/ for netlify deployment, and the served site will be available at localhost:8080 or e.g. mia.hexxie.com:8080.

You can also run individual commands:

# build the static site for production
gulp build

# run the server
gulp serve

# minify images
gulp imagemin

# compile sass
gulp sass

# lint sass
gulp sasslint

# format sass
gulp prettier

# compile sass docs
gulp sassdoc

# watch sass files (lint & compile)
gulp watch

# watch sass files (docs & lint & compile)
gulp sassdoc-watch

Sass Docs are compiled into the _site/style/ folder, which is then available at the URL: /style/.