Miriam Suzanne

Riding SideSaddle*

A novel on 250 note-cards

Sam gasps for air, and finds herself alone. Herman gasps for air, and finds herself alone. They wipe the mud from their body.

—Riding SideSaddle*
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Art from the novel (available as prints)

10 Myths on the Proper Application of Beauty Products

True West Award

Riding SideSaddle was adapted for the stage by Buntport Theater, with original music by Teacup Gorilla.

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It’s a new and wonderful adventure each time, a story of outcasts, their caretaker, and the friendship and love they find with each other.

— Ryo Yamaguchi, Michigan Quarterly Review [ ]

The characters, ideas, story are exposed, raw, alive — merging masculine and feminine into some kind of mystical marriage.

— Erin Rollman & Brian Colonna, Buntport Theater

I was just digging everything, and didn’t want the night to be over.

— Sam O’Daniel, Your Older Brother [ ]

Publishing Credits

Riding SideSaddle* is an open source text published by SpringGun Press, released online by OddBird, and adapted for the stage by Buntport Theater and Teacup Gorilla.

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2016 True West Award

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An award I’m happy to share with my amazing collaborators in Buntport Theater & Teacup Gorilla.

Some Kind of Resistance Tour, 2017

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10 Myths at Buntport

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I’m excited to be part of Buntport Theater’s 40th original full-length production — based on my novel, Riding SideSaddle*, and featuring a live score by Teacup Gorilla. It’s been a wild month pulling it all together!

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Huckleberry Roasters: Installation

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Riding SideSaddle* has gone vertical! Check it out on the walls of Huckleberry Roasters Larimer Cafe (2500 Larimer St, Denver) From October 10 through November 13.

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