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Get your design & development teams on the same page


Integrated unit-tests for Sass


A suite of Sass tools for managing design systems


Web layout power-tools, with grids-on-demand

Featured Clients…


Integrated health coaching suite, used by the US Coast Guard


Clinical knowledge crowd-sourcing maintained by practicing healthcare professionals


Distributed quality-assurance tools used by Mozilla product testers

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Loops in CSS Preprocessors

on CSS Tricks

A look at what loops can do, and how to use them in the major CSS preprocessors: Sass, Less, and Stylus. Each language provides a unique syntax, but they all get the job done.

Versioning Show [Episode 8]

I joined Tim Evko and M. David Green for the new SitePoint podcast — The Versioning Show to talk about Sass, web toolkits, finding your voice, and writing what you learn.

SitePoint: Live Q&A on Toolkits

I did a live Q&A at SitePoint talking about:

  • Customizing Susy for your projects
  • Other ways to do layouts (and why you might not even need a toolkit)
  • How to select a toolkit, or build your very own!

SitePoint: Jump Start Sass

I’m excited to release Jump Start Sass, a book I co-authored with Hugo Giraudel. Digital coppies are available from SitePoint, wih print edditions sold by O’Reilly.


2013 was nuts…

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