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Gender is strange and elusive. Sometime we attach it to genitals, and sometimes we attach it to boats. In Spanish, I can misgender my table. Every day we gender each other, even strangers – at a glance, on instinct, with very little to go on.

But when I’m misgendered, none of that matters.

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Twined Fragments, with Allison Washington

Twined Fragments is an ongoing collaboration between myself and Allison Washington. Each fragment is sparked by the previous, as trans women of different generations pass our memories back and forth, reflecting on lives and transitions separated by a quarter-century.

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Body & Gender Fragments

I wasn't born in the wrong body. I was born, a body. Without my body, I don't exist.

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Transilient is an online project combining photography and interviews from trans people around the country.

The project attempts to humanize, educate and destroy the assumption that trans folks are solely defined by their physical experience. We aim to weave transgender lives into the overall human experience instead of merely focusing on the transition.


They’re still on the road, if you want to help out.

America Heard: Transitions

My friend Maureen Maloney asked to document my reaction to the 2016 election, as part of the America Heard film series...

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Denver Quarterly: Adaptation

This month’s Denver Quarterly features side-by-side excerpts from my novel, Riding SideSaddle*, and the Buntport play 10 Myths on the Proper Application of Beauty Products which was based on it.

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Justice [Under Construction]

I'm still reeling from this year of insults, a traumatizing campaign turned traumatic election. I'm not sad about a contest lost, but what those results mean for real people around me. 2016 is over, but 2017 is going to be even harder.

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Some Clarifications on Trans Language

There's a lot of language that gets thrown around, but much of it comes loaded with over-simplified baggage and misconceptions. Here are a few that have been on my mind, from gender identity to biological sex, transition, passing, and visibility.

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2016 True West Award

Suzanne wanted to tell a story that assumed queerness from start to finish, while giving the characters free reign over their identities.

— John Moore, 2016 True West Award
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Some Kind of Resistance Tour, 2017

It's been a month since our country pseudo-elected a bigoted blow-hard for president. I'm heading to DC to protest his inauguration in January, visit friends, and go on a mixed-media resistance tour...

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Riding SideSaddle*

a novel | by Miriam Eric Suzanne

This fragmented memory follows a cast of friends as they navigate fluid genders and relationships, with bodies that resist order, category, or completion.

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