No One Wants Your Media Arts

Brakhage Center — October 7, 2013 [v1.0.beta-1]

Eric A. Meyer Artist, Developer, Experience Designer eriiicam ericam

Art is for people

neé "blah blah blah media arts"

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Matthew Sparks

Variations on Riding Side Saddle

an open-source memory — coming soon!

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User Experience Designer

Creative Vision » Medium » Audience Experience

No one wants your media arts

And that's a good thing

Art is for people

Navel-gazing is boring

Art is a growing organism

Your medium won't protect you

The Performative Turn

Seed » Content » Structure » Draft » Revise

The People vs The Art

Get outside your head & get to why

A Dao of media John Alsop

Let the performance alter the script

Normal tools of thought

Copy, Transform, Combine — Kirby Ferguson

Minimum Viable Artwork

Modular design & Differential Texts

The whole world is queer

Multiple tracks, multiple voices

Don't patronize the audience

Game design, bootstrapping, & innovation budgets

Contribute to the conversation

copyright, plagiarism, & parallel play

Art beyond the canon

Cameron Moll, Google Chrome, Rachel Nabors