Miriam Suzanne


I presented (for the first time) at conferences on both art & technology, thanks to invitations from the Media Archelology Lab, The Brakhage Center, and SassConf. I re-wrote Susy from the ground up, with help & inspiration from people like Tsachi Schlidor, Aaron Gray, Scott Kellum, and Sam Richards. I met and had the opportunity to work with some of my internet heros, like Jina Bolton & Rachel Nabors. I co-founded (with Aaron) a Sass Meetup in Denver, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the great response and new friends. SpringGun Press picked up one of my novels (which will be out by this time next year), and I’m talking with a publisher about the future of Into The Green Green Mud.

2014 looks like more of the same. Bring it on.