Miriam Suzanne

Teacup Gorilla + Bouldering Poets

Teacup Gorilla formed in 2010 to create the live soundscape for Missa Populi, an original performance by Vicious Trap. From there we were asked to play a steampunk wedding, which turned into a year-long collaboration with Rachel Eisenstat, followed by a novel soundtrack, and a new recording studio & venue in the Denver downtown.

Into the Green Green Mud, Chapter 12, with music by Teacup Gorilla.

Over three years, we’ve only performed as Teacup Gorilla a handful of times, but we’ve been quite active. And now we’re making our way back to the original performance vision, starting at the Bouldering Poets series:

March 22, 7:30pm at 303 Vodka | see facebook for details.

We’re back, and we have big plans.

Reggie is cute, but he is not us. Petite? Yes. Deadly? Hard to say.