Miriam Suzanne

Electronic Literature and the Nonhuman

I’ll be in Milwaukee this weekend for a brief appearance at SLSA 2012. The ELO is hosting a jurried elit event, and accepted my submission:

We found the piece to be fun and entertaining, but it also contains an argument that is worth considering (and not just from a technical perspective). The idea of objective forms dying and becoming immortal is an interesting way to think about obsolete forms. Against the backdrop of the death of the book, the question of how to write seems as alive and well as it ever has. This piece highlights that in a clever way.

Thank you, ELO/SLSA jury.

The Obsolete Book in a Post-Obsolete World

My text is available online, but the performance includes text-to-speech voice-over, Michelle Ellsworth dancing, transparencies, party hats, diagrams, whiskey, powerpoint handouts, music by The Widow’s Bane, one human, and one post-obsolete book.

Mortimer Leech of Widow’s Bane was gracious about my theft:

Follow your bliss, Mia. Take no prisoners. We’re already dead. What the fuck do we want with money?

Thank you Mr. Leech.

Electronic Literature & the Nonhuman

Saturday, September 29th, 5-7pm | 201C of the Frontier Airlines Center | Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts 2012 Conference

I’ll be performing along with Mark Marino (who is a fantastic human) and many others I can’t wait to meet. Maybe they’re humans too! Who can say?